Emir Arslanagic

Emir Arslanagic

TAM for South CEE, Qualys

Emir Arslanagic has been involved in Cyber Security since 1998 where his first Cyber Security task was to protect CWIX network built between MAE East and MAE-West.

By 2000 Emir became Head of C&W Security Engineering Group responsible for Security of AS3561 and all CW products. While Engineering Cyber Security solutions for at the time 2nd biggest IP network, Emir has been pioneering development of many security solutions that are now just getting to the mainstream. His favorite one is Cloud Based Security as a Service.

In 2002 Emir was transferred to Germany to lead set up of European CW SOC. In 2004 CW German SOC started managing first Global Cloud Based DDOS protection service, the first event was Super Ball. After 2006 Emir started his own company LucidLinx providing IT and Cyber Security Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he got special reward from Ministry of Security for his contribution in securing Bosnian Immigration Information System.

From 2008 to 2011 Emir was hired by T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom Company) as MD for Bosnia and Country Manager for Balkans, Russia, Ukraine and Greece, where he oversaw sales cycle for multimillion dollars commercial deals in IT Services. In 2014 Emir moved back to US and currently serves as Qualys Technical Account Manager for US Federal market.