András Keserű

András Keserű

R&D Director, WebEye Telematics

András is the Director of R&D at the technological parent company of WebEye Telematics Group. His responsibility extends to build and lead to departments of development and IT operations. These departments operate at several Hungarian and foreign research sites, and deal with researching the different technologies behind the Company Group. Now it’s 5 years, since his task in this position has been to ensure the technological background of WebEye Telematics Group, which is increasing with outstanding dynamic. Considering the industry it means to build and synchronize all the international provider infrastructure and internal infrastructure managing departments, as well as the widespread product development organization of software and hardware.

During his career he gained experience in many areas of ICT. In details his main strengths are the building and building up of ICT organizations, in addition their operating methods, efficiency and resource management. Within the latter emphasizes the HR management, which is increasingly critical nowadays. He had the chance to build these experience, both in Multinational enterprise and Hungarian ICT medium-sized enterprise environment.

After his studies (ELTE TTK/Informatics – Systems and Software Engineering) he could taste the life of a Multinational enterprise at IBM. That was the place, where he had to build up his first ICT teams and made them work effectively.

Presently he can use efficiently the combination of all his multinational and Hungarian companies’ experience at Webeye Telematics Group, which is considered rarity, because it’s a Hungarian owned multinational enterprise.