Cyrille Bataller

Cyrille Bataller

Managing Director, Artificial Intelligence Emerging Technology, Accenture

Cyrille Bataller is a Managing Director in the Emerging Technology group at Accenture. He is the Artificial Intelligence lead, incubating the next generation of AI technology services.

With over 20 years of experience in technology innovation, Cyrille leads Accenture’s exploitation of the disruptive Artificial Intelligence field, where intelligent IT systems can sense, comprehend, act and learn, interact naturally with people, data and their environment, and can deliver value by automating or augmenting work activities in various domains or creating innovative solutions. Artificial Intelligence specialties notably include Text Analytics, Deep Learning, Software Robotics, and Virtual Agents.

Cyrille’s recent work has also focused on Video Analytics, an artificial intelligence specialty that applies computer vision to video surveillance cameras to derive operational, security/safety and marketing insights. Most notably, he supported various police Safe City initiatives, where Accenture integrated advanced analytic capabilities into existing video monitoring systems to increase situational awareness, streamline operations and enhance response time to public safety incidents.

Cyrille also led Accenture’s Unique Identity activities, another artificial intelligence specialty which includes for instance the provision of a biometric identity management system to UNHCR to manage refugee populations globally.

Previously, Cyrille directed European R&D activities within Accenture Labs.

Cyrille is a certified Accenture Solution Architect, Digital Architect, Master Technology Architect and Quality Assurance Director. He received an Electrical Engineering degree from the École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications in Paris. Based in Sophia Antipolis, Cyrille lives near Nice, in the South of France, with his wife Nathalie and two children.