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Registration & Welcome Reception


Opening: Welcome Remarks

Rainer Kaltenbrunner,
Country Manager, IDC Austria

IDC Opening Keynote: Breaking the Impasse: Accelerating Your Digital Transformation

Steven Frantzen,
Senior Vice President, EMEA Region, MD CEMA Region, IDC

The Digital Transformation revolution is accelerating across the world. Digital champions and disruptors in all industries are embracing new technologies to completely transform the way they execute processes, engage with customers, create business value and drive innovation in products and service delivery. Ultimately entire traditional business models will be challenged by the new business models born on digital foundations.
Nevertheless, digital transformation entails varying challenges and impediments for traditional IT which often prevent organizations from moving faster on the digital journey. This session will examine various methods and ways for accelerating digital transformation within your organization. It will also discuss some of the IT and digital competencies necessary for successful business and IT transformation to support innovation.


Digital Transformation: Our Bodies Go Digital

Michel Fornasier,
Bionics Ambassador

The Future is Now: The 4 Elements that Ensure Success in your AI and Automation Journey

Brendon Chamany,
Senior Director and Europe Head, Wipro HOLMES Artificial Intelligence Platform

The impact of Artificial Intelligence and Automation in the enterprise digital journey is now strongly established. The key to this success lies in leveraging the relevant domain knowledge, contextual data, right IP and service delivery expertise.
In this session, we will explore how these factors play a pivotal role to maximize the returns of your investments in AI and Automation engagements. And since experience speaks for itself, we will demonstrate some real-world use cases.


Digitalization and Infrastructure – A Winning Team For The Future

Bernd C. Datler,
Managing Director, ASFINAG Maut Service

PANEL DISCUSSION: CIO Skill Set for the Digital Era

Tobias Kleu,
Senior Program Manager, IDC CEMA
Christoph Ehrendorfer,
RCV CIO / Head of IT, Boehringer Ingelheim RCV
Thomas Laszlo,
Manager Vertical IT, ManpowerGroup
Oliver Bendig,
CEO, Matrix42

The CIO is first and foremost a people manager, the captain of the team, the Chief Orchestration Officer. Many of the technical skills important at earlier stages of the career fade in importance compared to the ability to speak and be heard, to listen effectively, to build team spirit, and to influence people and events without always resorting to the power of authority. Even more so as CIOs face the challenges of acquiring much-needed talent, transforming IT organizations, and accelerating the delivery of digital capabilities.
In this panel discussion, we will discuss the most important skills a CIO must have in the digital era to not only be successful himself but to enable success for his organization and employees.


Coffee Break & One-on-One Meeting Sessions


Cloud as the Basis for DX: Cloud Quality Protection

Tobias Höllwarth,
President of EuroCloud Europe

Digital Transformation in the Workplace. Opportunities and Risks for IT Management of Today, Tomorrow, and the Future.

Oliver Bendig,
CEO, Matrix42

Just How Transformed Is Your Data?

Michiel von der Crone,
Chief Technology Officer EMEA, Commvault

This session considers the implications of digital transformation for data. Whilst The Cloud has enabled compute and storage to become agile, too often data lags behind, and may represent as much a barrier to change as an enabler of value. In the course of this short presentation will review the requirements for data to be an enabling factor rather than one that may impede digital transformation initiatives. We will also discuss the fundamentals that need to be in place to ensure the data that is the lifeblood of digital business is visible, well protected, well governed and highly automated.


Digital Transformation & Learnings in Pharma

Christoph Ehrendorfer,
RCV CIO / Head of IT, Boehringer Ingelheim RCV

Digitalization in the pharmaceutical industry impacts many business processes, including areas of shaping the brands, delivering and engaging with different stakeholders through different channels and managing customer value. To enable and orchestrate customer centric engagements incl. digital channels the mindset and way of working of the reps has to develop.
This case study elaborates on examples of activities within business and IT, which are conducted within Boehringer-Ingelheim to drive this digital transformation and reflects on lessons learnt.



Company-Wide Cost Reduction Through Service Automation – Methods and Technologies

Peter Stanjeck,
Managing Director, USU AG

NB-IoT - The Silent Revolution

Heinz Steiner,
Client Executive, HUAWEI

In this presentation, Huawei will present the following

  • Market overview – potentials and segments
  • Solutions for Manufacturing
  • NB-IoT in the Energy Sector
  • Challenges in connection with NB-IoT
  • Use cases and business models

Transformation of the Media Landscape - From analogue TV to Streaming Services

Markus Mantsch,
Head of Process Management & Compliance, ORS
Gerald Giefing,
Senior Account Manager, IDC Austria

Lunch & One-on-One Meeting Sessions


Digitalization of the Work Environment – Job Killer or Opportunity in Times of Skills Shortage?

Sandra Hofmann,
Forschungsleiterin Arbeitsmarkt, WifOR

PANEL DISCUSSION: Digital Transformation as a Team Sport

Ewa Lis-Jezak,
Marketing Director, IDC CEE & CIS
Marcus Frantz,
Group CIO, ÖBB
Martin Buresch,
CIO, Kwizda Holding
Bernd C. Datler,
Managing Director, ASFINAG Maut Service
Michiel von der Crone,
Chief Technology Officer EMEA, Commvault

IT and LoBs need to work together to be successful. According to IDC, 40% of CIOs Will Advance DX Initiatives by Building Organizational Linkages with LoB Technology Teams by 2018. CIOs need to understand that digital transformation is a team sport, and the most successful businesses will be those where IT and LoB executives work together.
On this panel, IT and LoB representatives will discuss the difficulties that can arise and which challenges need to be addressed to make DX successful.


Coffee Break


Breakout Sessions: Interactive Workshops

Workshop I - GDPR

Lawful Processing & Compliance, Penalties

Stephan Winklbauer,
Rechtsanwalt, aringer herbst winklbauer rechtsanwälte

Workshop II - Information Transformation & Security

NB-IoT - Next Generation Security in the Digital Enterprise

Rainer Kaltenbrunner,
Country Manager, IDC Austria
Heinz Steiner,
Client Executive, HUAWEI
Christoph Grill,
Network Security Specialist, ABAX

Workshop III - Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies

Helping You Achieve Industry Superiority

Thomas Zink,
Associate Research Director, Financial Insights, IDC Central Europe

Workshop IV - Strategic Design & Innovation

Transformation is Not Digital, it’s Constant

Tobias Kleu,
Senior Program Manager, IDC CEMA
Wolfgang Steiner,
Managing Director Germany, Designit - a Wipro Company

Workshop V - IT Automation Deep Dive

Company-Wide Cost Reduction Through Service Automation

Joshua Budd,
Associate Vice President, Consulting, CEMA
Peter Stanjeck,
Managing Director, USU AG

Cocktail Reception & Final Advice, Essential Guidance

Steven Frantzen,
Senior Vice President, EMEA Region, MD CEMA Region, IDC

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