Tobias Höllwarth

Tobias Höllwarth

President of EuroCloud Europe

For more than 20 years, Tobias Höllwarth has worked as a business consultant specializing in IT projects. In addition to his activity in the Vienna University of Economics and Business, he founded the company Höllwarth Consulting in 1991. The company focus upon the IT consulting, IT services and cloud consulting areas.

He was able to implement his many years of experience and his specialized know-how both in the technical and in the economic areas by being a part of numerous projects such as the outsourcing of the tender management for large industrial companies, energy management companies and authorities, as well as the acquisition of the entire IT administration of mid-size businesses. Since 2010, special emphasis is being placed on cloud consulting, the development of cloud strategies, cloud IT policies, the planning of cloud migration, the quality assurance of cloud offerings, and the auditing of cloud providers.

Tobias Höllwarth is a charter member, part of the management board and since 2013 also vice president of EuroCloud Austria. He acts as expert for certification issues at the Austrian Standards Institute ASI (ÖNORM) and is the Austrian head of delegation at the negotiations of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) concerning cloud computing issues.

In addition to other professional publications, he also authored the book ‘Migrating to the Cloud’, which saw its second edition being published in 2012 in several languages, such as German, English, Slovenian, Taiwanese, and Chinese. The book is aimed at business decision makers and provides a direct insight with a practical orientation into all relevant themes of cloud computing.